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Interim Cmo

Interim Cmo Are you searching for the right interim CMO for your company? Whether you have recently acquired a new business, are going through a growth spurt and require additional marketing assistance or are looking for bigger and better results in your bottom line, hiring Ray L Perry as your outsourced Chief Marketing Officer can help you reach your sales goals.

Oftentimes, hiring an interim CMO is the right move for a company to make, especially when an existing in-house marketing team has not successfully demonstrated their effectiveness. If you’re looking for growth in sales but are spending way out of your current budget and just don’t know how to get where you want to go, consider the solution more and more companies are turning to.

Hiring an interim CMO can provide all of the benefits of employing a full-time marketing pro, without the expense. Consider a few additional benefits of hiring Ray L Perry as your Chief Marketing Officer:

- If your company has been suffering due to a decline in your revenue, an interim CMO may be exactly what your marketing campaign needs to connect with new clients or reconnect with existing and previous ones.

- Do you need an expert on hand who can reel in your marketing budget and focus more of your money on what’s working while eliminating waste? This is one area where Ray excels. It’s not always easy for an in-house team to discover where they are wasting resources; sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can see what tired eyes cannot.

- Outsourcing an interim CMO will bring experience to the table that is very valuable in impacting your bottom line. The expertise, knowledge and skill the comes from working in a variety of industries and spending time among experts can bring a lot to your campaign you won’t be able to obtain any other way.

- If you face challenges in connecting with prospects, a leader in the field will be able to flush out where the challenges are coming from, why they exist and how to go about eliminating them.

While outsourcing is not always the most clear-cut choice, it often becomes the only sensible choice; don’t waste valuable time in coming to the right decision. Hire Ray as your interim CMO and let him help you reach your business goals.

Call 770-415-8740 today to find out how hiring an interim CMO can create an effective marketing strategy that will help you:

- Generate more leads
- Attract more customers
- Save money over in-house expenses
- Connect with prospects in a more dynamic way

Call Ray L Perry today for the extensive experience and reliable knowledge you’re looking for. Ray works with select clients to take the reins of their marketing efforts, working closely with them to help meet their marketing objectives.

Enjoy all of the benefits of having a full-fledged marketing team at your company’s disposal without the expense of hiring employees. The first step is to request a marketing audit. Call Ray at 770-415-8740 to get started now. Interim Cmo
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