Using segments to target your workflows

Monday, March 16, 2015, 00:28
If your subscriber list has segments, you can use them to create highly targeted workflow emails.
For each email added to the workflow, you can choose to send it to everyone on the list, or only people who meet a certain criteria.
Using segments to target your workflows

For example, a clothing retailer could create welcome emails for men and women where either the male or female version is triggered to send after signup depending on a custom field selection built into the subscribe form:
Using segments to target your workflows

To do this you need to have male and female segments set up before creating the workflow. It doesn't matter if the segments are empty to start with because people will be added to them when they sign up.

Tip: To ensure new subscribers are added to one of the segments, set the custom field on your form to "required," meaning the form cannot be submitted until the field is completed.

Emails targeted at segments can be done with any of the four workflow types:

When someone joins a list
A date
An anniversary of a date
Site or blog updates

Segment selection

If you select more than one segment it means the email will be sent to people who are in segment A, or segment B, or segment C.
Using segments to target your workflows

To email only subscribers who fit segments A, B and C, first create a segment using AND to group people who match criteria A, B and C, then select that segment when you're setting up the autoresponder.