Why won't my welcome emails send?

Monday, March 16, 2015, 00:07
Welcome emails for new subscribers are only triggered to send when someone joins a list by signing up through a subscribe form. Contacts that are manually added through the application interface, or imported from a file, will not trigger a new subscriber workflow to send.

If you have a specific address you'd like to trigger the workflow for, and you have the person's explicit permission, you will need to sign them up yourself through a subscribe form.

Delivery delays

Welcome emails are sent immediately after someone submits a subscribe form. Or, if you specified a delay when setting up the workflow, it's sent at the nominated time (for example, 10 minutes or an hour after signup).

After the email leaves our server it's up to the receiving server to accept the message and deliver it to the recipient's inbox. If you're testing a welcome email by signing up "organically" through a subscribe form, and you're not receiving the email, check with your IT or mail administrator to see if it has been blocked or stalled.
Subscribers added via the API

For email addresses added via the API:

Importing subscribers using the 'batch import API method' will not trigger new subscriber workflows (but this can be overridden, see details below).
Adding people individually via the API will trigger new subscriber workflows.

To override the default setting for the batch import API method:

Add the QueueSubscriptionBasedAutoResponders parameter and set it to true.