How to set up automatic welcome emails

Sunday, March 15, 2015, 23:51
To make a great first impression on new subscribers, set up a workflow that triggers a welcome email whenever someone joins your list.
You could welcome a new customer with a discount code, set expectations for a newsletter subscriber, or create a workflow series to deliver tips, or an education course, over a couple of weeks.

Important: New subscribers who are added to a list manually, by typing in their details in your account or through importing a file, will not trigger this workflow to send.
Creating workflows for when someone joins your list

To set up an email, or series of emails, that are triggered to send when someone joins your list:

Open the Automation tab and click Create a new workflow.
Select When someone joins a list as the trigger.
Name the workflow, for example: "Welcome email."
Choose a subscriber list. (If you only have one list it is selected for you.)
Click Create workflow.
Follow the on-screen instructions to define the email details: when it will be sent, who will receive the email (only applies if you have segments), the email name, and so on. Then click Next.
Select a template and create your email content.
After you have finalized and saved the email you'll see the overview page for your workflow. To activate it now, click Start workflow.

As soon as you start the workflow, anyone who joins your list through a subscribe form or an API call (if you use our API) will trigger the email, or emails, to send.
Send a sequence of emails

There is no limit to the number of emails you can add to a workflow. To set up a series of emails to send in sequential order, click Add a new email to this workflow.

For each email added, specify a longer distance of time from when a new subscriber joins your list. For example, two days after signup, followed by one week after signup, followed by 10 days after signup, as shown here:

How to set up automatic welcome emails
Naming workflows, and emails within workflows

When you create a workflow you are prompted to name the workflow, and then name every email added to the workflow. These names are for use in your account only.

If your workflow only contains one email, you might decide to use the same name in both places. When you're creating a workflow series it helps to write unique, descriptive names for each email so you can see at a glance what each one is for.